Saturday, July 31, 2010

Be kind... Rewind...

So after a long battle with what we call a writers block and a bit of laziness, here I am, up and about to put back to life once more this almost flat lined blog of meself. It has been a very long gap since I last posted something here. There were times that I totally forgot that I have a place to put all the things my brain couldn't handle and my hearts outburst that I couldn't sort out either. It feels like I woke up from a very long coma.

Now I have lots of ideas, comments, opinions and [definitely a very violent] reactions that will absolutely take over this side of the world wide web (hahaha!!! very 90's) but of course we need to do that one step at a time. Prepare yourself for it will be a very... very... very... exciting ride.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Naglalakad sa kahabaan ng
Kalayaan ng biglang pumasok sa isip kong
Wala ka na...

Nag iisa at hindi alam
Kung san pupunta
hinahatak na lang ng iyong nakaraan...

Hinayaan na lang
Wala na bang paki-alam
Ngayon ako'y isang sugnay
Na kailan ma'y di makapag-iisa

Malaya na ba ako?
Malaya na ba sa'yo?

Malaya nga ba ako?
Malaya nga ba sa'yo?

Malaya pa ba ako?
Malaya pa ba sa'yo?

Nasobrahan o
Sadyang sapat lang ba?

-- I wrote this while walking the stretch of Kalayaan Ave. in diliman and thoughts of my frustrations about Freedom that a lot of people either take for granted or just ABUSE crept up my brain. It is unfinished but oh well.