Friday, May 16, 2008




Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fragile Love

I broke it... I tried to fix it up... but it's gone... all gone....

this pretty much was the concise version of my love story. I am not proud of what I did but I know a part of it was eventual and I got to a situation that I have to fast paced everything to spare myself of pain, not knowing along the speedway I will end up hurting not 1 but 2 hearts. And hurt I was.

He came to my life so irritatingly cliched. Started by a few messages thrown here and there to/from each others online profile and later on exchanged handphone numbers. Initially it was just ok, no extraordinary feelings being exerted. As days go by when we slowly noticed that our inbox were filled only with each others sweetnothings and sometimes senseless messages we decided not to procrastinate the obvious. I invited him to my place, he agreed and he told me that he was relieved by my gesture. I know some of you will be irked by this aggresive choice of actions (believe me I've met quite a few guys but I never sense any negativity about him... oh! ok maybe just a little). We murmured a few hi's and hello at first, well that was expected but eventually we shyed away from being shy and threw any inhibitions left. Right then and there we acted as if this was all too familiar to both of us. In a matter of time and some mysterious earth spins we clicked. We both shared stories and enthusiasm to each of it. Running out of things to talk about doesn't seem to float in the air that moment. The night seemed so long and even the silence of the world was so special that it became our shelter. We laid down, felt each others warmth, whispered sweet thoughts and surprisingly (well based on my standards) no lustful event ever occured that entire night...

to be continued.